Oh no! A bit of buzzing

My Sprout is one of the Kickstarters and has broken in nicely and plays flawlessly, almost. In the past month I have noticed that it has a tendency to “pop” when I turn the volume knob after it has sat for a few hours or longer. I assumed that this is just built up static due to the drier weather. This morning when I came downstairs there was a faint buzzing in the left channel speaker. When I turned the volume knob (no music was playing) a notch or so, it popped once and the sound disappeared. Should I be worried?

For the record, the Sprout is plugged into a dedicated grounded circuit using the supplied PSAudio “red” audiophile power cord.

Hmmm. I am not sure I’d panic just yet, but keep an ear on it. Maybe something’s gone amiss but this is one I haven’t yet heard of.

OK…I hope I am not being paranoid. But, I had the left channel die and got a replacement. So in this forum, there are three left channel issues.

I love my Sprout and will deal will any issues during the three year warranty…I just hope this is not a long term issue.


Was it the left channel amp, headphone, analog out – 1 or all 3 etc…

Scott Kramer said Hemi,

Was it the left channel amp, headphone, analog out – 1 or all 3 etc…

Here is the thread. http://www.psaudio.com/forum/sprout-forum/sprout-died/

Left was dead on TT and Coax. I did not try Headphone or Analog Out. Switching speaker cables made no difference.

I will say the latest Sprout has been flawless…and as I work from home, it is on 8+ hours per day. Weekends, wife and I spin vinyl. I also leave it powered up 24/7.

Ok Thanks!

One channel is out on the headphone amp & analog out on mine, tried everything to try to fix–

It still works fine all inputs to the class-D module tho-- just need to get around to sending it back.