Sprout 100 power switch

taking in consideration what paul has said about turning off equipment what exactly happens when the power button or knob is pushed on the sprout 100? I doubt that it simply cuts the mains power like a simple switch on the back like so many other brands do.

You’re right. It does not cut off the main power on Sprout. The front panel switch mutes and puts to sleep the circuitry but it is still powered on.

perfect thank you. by the way i have enjoyed the sprout100 immensely I have it and the Elac’s paired with a 10" powered Polk Sub and decent audio technica turntable. I can close my eyes and go back to the 70’s sitting on our front porch on a lazy summer’s day just chillin with friends listing to the stones, beatles, ect with our HiFi 8 track and turntable combo . Or I can stream Ultra HD Digital and hear every little newanced pice of sound an artist can create. Again Thank you and all of your team for a beautiful experience.


This is what it’s all about! So glad you’re loving the system!

The Sprout100 is a truly great affordable piece of high end gear. Yes, I consider it high end…

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