Sprout100 remote battery compartment

I read somewhere here that the remote battery compartment cover is held on magnetically, and you should insert something sharp into the seam and it will pop off. With the brushed finish, I can’t really make out much of a seam on it anywhere. I would prefer not to scratch it up needlessly by poking around with a sharp object in the wrong place. Would it be possible for somebody to post a picture of the remote with the cover off?

Just poke a paperclip into the little hole on the back of the remote. The black plastic bit containing the battery and all the gubbins will just pop out.

Thanks chrisj1948. Worked like a charm.

Hello Chris. What type of battery does the remote use? Thanks.

It is a 3V button battery which in Europe is designated as a CR2032.

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Same in the states, and in Cayman for that matter, CR2032

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Thank you!

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