Sprout DAC

I know the Sprout DAC handles up to 24 bit. But is it MQA “certified”? Or does that really even matter?

It is not, no PS Audio das is MQA certified. The folks at PSA did look into it. The main problem is that Meridian requires the manufacturers to turn their products over to them, so they can add proprietary filters, or something.

Most dac manufacturers don’t want Meridian messing with their creations. There is now a software option that partially processes MQA. There is plenty of music available as downloads or in media form( LPs, CDs) that is mot MQA encoded.

At this time with your Sprout, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy the music you have and buy music wiihout MQA.

There is lots of info MQA in this forum, if you are interested.