Sprout 100 DAC vs Vault 2

I recently purchased a Sprout 100 and a Bluesound Vault 2 to rip my CD collection plus stream Tidal, being new to digital HiFi I am wondering would I be better off of using the DAC in the Sprout 100 or using the Vault 2 for playing ripped cds and streaming MQA through Tidal
Thank you

Try both and let your ears decide

Will try that tonight time permitting but was hoping that someone with a bit more knowledge about both of these products could chime in… the Is the Sprout 100 capable of MQA playback like the Vault 2?

I have the Vault 2 connected to my Stellar Gain Cell DAC. I tried both and prefer the the SGCD. I have it connected via coax. I have the Vault configured for non-MQA external DAC so it can do the first unfold before sending to the DAC. it shows 24/96 on the SGCD in that configuration.

That configuration would probably makes sense for the Sprout100 as well. It’s DAC is not MQA enabled. As suggested, try both and trust your ears but my money in on the Sprout100 (which I have not heard, although I do have an original Sprout).

I’m interested to know how it works out with Sprout100. I’m in the process of building a fanless NUC to run as a Roon Core. I plan to connect it via USB to my SGCD. I am also upgrading my speakers and plan to move my Vault 2 and current speakers to my office with a Sprout100 for the amp.