Sprout Speaker Volume Levels Different

First post. So hello all and I hope I have this in the correct place.

I just got a Sprout (original) yesterday got it all hooked up and noticed that the left channel was louder than the right. Sampling multiple different songs the outcome was always the same the right speaker had less highs, less bass and overall quieter than the left.

Trying to determine if the problem was speakers/speaker cables, I switched the cables at the binding posts on the Sprout and the opposite speaker was now louder. I figure this means the problem is the Sprout or the input device. Which is a computer via USB.

Next tested on Bluetooth the speakers do not make a sound until the third click, then only the left channel comes on, forth click both play and the right speaker is still behind in volume.

The current speaker setup are a pair of Polk Monitor 10A’s. I believe they are 6ohm speakers.

I have only tried the Sprout on USB and Bluetooth so far. The main purpose of this set up is streaming music via the computer, I don’t plan on a phono or other input.

I have ordered a 3.5mm to RCA so I can try with one of my external amps. Should be in tomorrow, and will update.

Any advice would be helpful. I need to know if I should return the Sprout. I don’t want to, did a lot of research prior to purchase and I think this is the best fit. I just don’t have the money for the Sprout100 and hate to see good electronics go to waste.

I am guessing you already made sure the balance is set to zero db but check that if you haven’t.

If there is a balance control they did a real good job hiding it.

There are only 2 knobs, volume and source select, and the power switch in the back. No tone control, or balance is mentioned in the manual.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

On my SGCD you push the volume control in and it selects a few things, first being Balance, may not be the case on the Sprout. Hopefully PSA will see this and reach out, otherwise @jamesh is the guy to ask

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I forgot/didn’t think to try the headphone jack.

It does the same thing. Left channel comes on first without the right, next volume level the right comes on but quieter.

At least the problem is consistent. :pensive:

Update: Got one of my Adcom amps hooked up and the situation is the same, left louder than right. Not looking good for this little guy. Hopefully someone form PSA will have some input.

My Sprout 100 exhibits the same problem, the left channel is louder than the right channel. I will be following this thread closely.

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Sounds like you may want us to have a look at Sprout for you. There is no balance control. Sprouts leave the factory closely matched in level between channels. Thus, if it’s off like that then perhaps there’s something wrong.

Thanks for the response Paul.

Thank you Paul. I appreciate that you and your company are so responsive to your customers. I will be returning this Sprout, but will be purchasing a PSA product in the future.