Sprout not working with new Subwoofer

I just added a Polk subwoofer to my desktop Sprout and it doesn’t work and now I’m sad.

To make sure it’s not the sub or the RCA cable I hooked it all up to a friend’s system and worked great.

Is there a setting that I’m missing? Thanks.

Try turning off bass boost on the Sprout. Press and hold the power button until the LED turns purple… I think.

I thought when you connect a subwoofer the Sprout automatically senses it and turns off the bass boost. (I had a Sprout100 but don’t anymore so my memory is fuzzy.)

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I think you’re right. Worth trying anyway in case it’s not detecting?

good point.

Could also try connecting the sub to the Audio Out RCAs, just to see if the sub out is wonky.

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Also try the analog left or right out. I’m surprised only the sub out on the Sprout wouldn’t be working properly.