Sprout + Tidal = WASAPI or ASIO

Hey everyone! Leandro from Brazil here. Just got back from a family vocation in Orlando-FL and broght back home the amazing Sprout. Paired with a pair KEF LS50 and could not be happier!

I have a question about the Tidal “bit perfect” thing. When I use it with “Exclusive mode” on (WASAPI), I still can adjust the output volume on the computer (windows taskbar). When I use it with ASIO Bridge, I’m not able to do that.

Is there any difference in sound quality?

Does the Sprout’s DAC work with both ASIO and WASAPI drives? Which one should I choose?

Sorry if it a silly question, but I’m new to the audiophile world!



Hi, when you go into settings at the bottom of the left column, click on Streaming, chose the Sprout and hold the cursor to right side, a setting link will come up. In there you can defeat the volume and set it to do the MQA first unfold. So, you want the second box checked, the third box unchecked. I have mine set to Exclusive, but after the update some were having noise issues if that was checked.

As to WASAPI or the other, do you use any other players? I use JRiver and they recommend WASAPI. I am not sure where you are accessing that option, so that may need a Sprout owner or one of the PSA guys to answer. Once you check the force volume box, try WASAPI again, see if you can hear a difference. WASAPI is supposed to bypass all Windows Media Player settings, which is a good thing.

I found this thread because I’m looking for different ways to play Tidal through a sprout. You’re using a full on computer for this right?