Sprout100 USB driver - DoP not working

I got the Sprout100 hooked up this afternoon. Had a few hiccups but am working through them. Also a bit disappointed that the digital inputs can’t switch between optical and USB–I have something I need to connect via optical and am kind of stuck not being able to use that source anymore.


The main thing I need to solve is to get DSD from the computer (latest Win10) to the Sprout100. I have a similar setup with a Win10 computer going to the DS Jr. and it worked perfectly the first time I set it up. With this, however, DSD is not getting to the Sprout. Using Roon, I’ve chosen the ASIO “device,” DSD over PCM, and the max sample rates all match up with the Sprout specs (maximum 384kHz/32-bit, DSD 128). In essence the same setup I use on the DS Jr.

But I get no sound output for DSD. All I get is a low-level hiss. Roon shows in the signal path that the encapsulation is taking place.


I can use Roon’s feature to convert to PCM at 24-bit/352.8kHz and get sound that way, but would prefer this to work properly.

Not sure why if it would make a difference, but see if the Wasapi driver changes anything. Also, do you have a different USB cable you can try?

The cable was my thought also. I may try the Sprout in my main system in a few days once it has broken in a bit, and in that case, I can substitute it directly for the DS Jr. and rule that out.

The WASAPI driver doesn’t offer as much resolution in the settings–the most it can do is 24-bit/192kHz vs. 32-bit/384kHz with the ASIO. (And I’d have to check, but I don’t think the WASAPI driver had the option for DoP.) I wanted to verify that I was using the correct driver, and it seems like that is the case. I’m also going to directly compare the settings in the OS between the two computers I’m using, but I didn’t have to do much of anything with the DS Jr. than install the driver, select the correct output and it worked.

I’ll keep you posted.

Also, out of curiosity…what happens when the batteries die in the remote? It’s a nice designed (looks like it’s machined out of solid metal!), but for the life of me I don’t see anywhere to change batteries. I don’t expect to use it much (it’s on the desktop with my “work” computer) so the batteries will last a long time. Just curious more than anything. :grin:

Yeah, I really like the Sprout remote as well. Super simple to swap out the battery. You’ll see a little hole in the back of the remote. If you poke a paperclip through that, it will pop out the actual remote module revealing the battery.

Wow, that’s interesting! I thought it was a reset switch. Cool. Seeing the remote won’t get much use, it’ll probably be several years before I have to replace it! :grin:

Do you see a DirectSound option?

I didn’t see that anywhere (either in the driver or in Roon). Could be I’m not looking in the right place.

I think different machines have different options and I’m not using Roon myself but on Quboz (and Deezer), I see something like this on my computer image

Roon handles it differently.

At any rate, I kind of solved the problem. I did get a new USB cable for the DS Jr. and moved its cable over to my desktop system. So it made no difference in the situation, although I have a way better cable now.

It seems the volume on the computer needs to be set to 100 before DoP works. (It’s a little odd that the USB driver even allows a volume change on Windows 10, which implies that it’s not bit perfect when used at anything less than full volume.)

So as it stands now, I have to ensure the volume is always at maximum.

Still a bit peeved that the digital inputs cannot auto-switch, as now I’ve had to quit using one of my sources entirely. This Sprout may be going back, or I’ll have to spend even more to get a DAC that has proper inputs on it. Which defeats the purpose of moving to the Sprout in the first place.

Nice Rudy! Thanks for keeping us posted. I had completely forgotten to have you check the volume.

It was strange but yep, that was the problem!

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