Squeeze box and a nas


Will squeeze box work with a nas ?

Second question is will a player with network capatinilty like UPnP/DLNA compatible work with a nas?

Al D


As long as the squeezebox and NAS are on the same network it works. That’s pretty much the whole idea of the squeezebox.

2nd question I’m not sure about. I think as long as the NAS and the player both work with the UPnP/DLNA standard it should work, but I’m not 100% sure.


Ok thanks for replying .

Al D


Do you have a squeezebox touch already, or are you looking for one?


No I do not have one. Just looking into options .


With a SqueezeBox player there must be a SqueezeServer on the network. SqueezeServer is an optional service with many NASes and if runnung on the NAS then you only need the NAS, a player and a controller to play music. If the NAS does not have SqueezeServer or some other SqueezeBox compliant media server then you must have a computer on the network running SqueezeServer.

Most NASes have available or already installed some form of UPnP/DLNA compliant server. I believe that there are two options available for most Synology NASes.



I can’t remember having to install anything on my NAS to play it through the Squeezebox Touch…

Could be wrong… Now I’m doubting myself…


SqueezeServer may be installed by default on many NASes that support it. I would have to research to see if it is factory or user installed on Synology NASes.



I used a Squeeze Box and then a Squeeze Box Touch with a NAS (Thecus) for about 5 years. Squeeze server or whatever they called it prior to that ran on a network PC. In terms of ability to play without drop-outs it was marginally more reliable then my current NAS–>JRiver on PC–>wireless connection to PWDII with bridge. I believe the PWDII set up is a significant step up in sound quality. Definitely a step-up in versatility.


Thanks all

Al D


you should find “Logitech media server” in synology’s package center


yes i thought of that too. but i wanted to obtain some info first. it is amusing how different manufactories

recommend many ways to use there equipment. i guess given the complexities of the equipment this creates the differences in the procedures.


al D