Squeezing an audio system into a historic townhouse


Well I am finally ready to say I am finished, for now.

first image set is the Mac mini that runs Roon on the third floor in the desk area which is behind bifold doors.

the second image set is the second floor library with my Harbeth speakers on Mapleshade floor blocks, the network router, Direct Stream Jr, and Peachtree amp are behind the hidden compartment (which is behind the iMac computer). The compartment has dual air fans bringing Air from the floor and exhusting it out the back up top.

The DS Jr is connected via Audioquest network cable, the Mac mini connects to the router via cat5e. Pulling that through 130+ year old walls was a challenge.

DS Jr Roon to the peachtree is via Kimber silver streak, peachtree to speakers are Kimber 8TC. The Peachtree is on Mapleshade heavy brass footers.

Still plan some power supply improvements. Stock power cords have been replaced with entry level AudioQuest. Looking as PSA for something, but no way a regenerator will fit.

i also have Sonos in every room of the rest of the house.