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Hi All,

In a similar vein as our System Photos, I would love to see what others are using in their work from home office environment. I will start with my system. I have a newly purchased Sprout100, SVS SB2000 pro, and Golden Ear Super Sat 3 speakers which definitely reduces my urge to go down to my “big rig”. I use JRiver and Roon but primarily Roon because I like it’s radio function and integration with Qobuz. My PC is custom build by myself, as all my PCs are.

Nearfield sound is really nice and balanced to the side of slightly warm.

Anybody else?


Nice setup!

Someone asked this same question on another forum, and I posted my office system, and they came back and said “no, that’s not what I meant. I mean a desk with nearfield speakers in front of you.”

So, with trepidation, here’s my contribution. Feel free to report to moderators if necessary. :crazy_face:

Audiolab 8000A integrated
Mac Mini running roon into TEAC UD-501 DAC
Thorens TD-150 w/ SME3009 and Shure V15 MKIII
Audiolab 8000PPA phono pre
Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary
Cambridge Minx sub


No trepidation necessary! Any and all home office systems are great.

Hmm, spinning records during my workday might be a solution to getting more exercise.
Maybe I should bring my record player to my office?

It looks like a comfortable setup you have and I bet it sounds nice! Thanks for sharing.

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It depends on the size of your office. When I was around at my dealer in December he was telling me he delivered a pair of Wilson Alexx to a client’s office.

As posted yesterday on the main thread, here is a before and after, from almost the same spot. The second one does not clearly show the REL S/2 on the floor between the main speakers.

As I use the office for long periods, the system has to be non-fatiging, which is where Harbeth are superb, but I wanted a bit more top end, hence the Raidho. The Raidho need a sub, whereas the P3ESR don’t. There are loads of 40w to 60w compact units. I used Audiolab and Bluesound. I now have Cambridge Audio as the Bluesound Class D did not quite do it for me and I wanted to go back to Class A/B and get as close to 100w into 8 ohms as possible. The Audiolab 8300A is a great unit at 75w dual mono (single transformer), but the CXA81 measures at 93w for the same price with a good DAC and HD Bluetooth. There are other options like Yamaha for good prices, but a bit too big and bulky for my office. Roon is a prerequisite.


i assume you are not planning to leave via the door in shot?
looks good :slight_smile:

Given it’s on the first floor …

large mattress on the ground outside? it could be a feature!

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The Amazon delivery man would have to step over my cold dead corpse.

Here’s a panorama taken from the entrance. :smile:

Speakers are on the wall on the far left; standing desk in the middle of the pic is where work gets done.


Nice instruments. How many guitars and guitar amps do you keep?

Bass player here. Really just one primary instrument, a '62 USA reissue P-bass with a Japanese Jazz-bass neck. Three Ampegs will accompany me to the end of my days: Far right is Goldilocks, a '75 V-4B seen atop an 8x12 fridge; middle is R2D2, a '76 B-15S; and below the standing desk is Yahweh, 1974 SVT.


fair play that might be a bit extreme :slight_smile:


Home office set up, mostly started since the COVID-19 outbreak :headphones::notes::headphones::notes::headphones::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


Nice! But how do you choose which headphones to use? :slight_smile:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… :smile:

Your workspace looks very cozy. I don’t have a ready-made workspace yet, as I’m buying everything I need. I have a powerful computer, which is great for web design. The hardest part was finding a good desk, as there are many different models on the Internet. After analyzing, I decided to buy eurekaergonomic.com as it is a great desk with unique features. I especially like that the height of the table can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

The cheapo, tube integrated is on the fritz at the moment however.


Since we are now officially transitioning to “back in the office” (though I’ve been working daily all this year; I REALLY needed to get out of the house again) I decided to take a very different approach. Previously I had a NAD D3020 that primarily used whatever was on my phone.

I decided to repurpose my obsolete Sonos gear and put a 5G hotspot in the office to feed it. Since I won’t have access to a local library, using the Sonos S1 on an old Play:5 works great at my desk. With Plex I can stream from my home NAS as well as use Tidal and Apple Music. I have to keep the volume pretty low in cubeville since I’m not important enough for my own office, so the corner placement is just fine. Add an ikea cutting board shelf and it’s GOLDEN!

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