Stable or Not?

Hello, I’ve taken my active 4th order crossovers out, to run my new diy speakers. Instead, I’ve put a 0.047uF capacitor in line with each amps bass input, and a 0.02 capacitor in line with each amps treble input.
The purpose here is to save a little load on my 10 watt class A amplifiers.
To me, it’s a large improvement on the active crossovers, and allows for a compound slope on the tweeters, with a 0.68uF caps doing double duty as a protection cap on the tweeters.
I find I prefer the shallow first order filters on the bass, too, with the slope starting at 35 hertz and some large inductors at speaker level outputs.
An acquaintance told me the old Hood style circuit will be unstable if it doesn’t run a full range signal. I think this is unlikely, especially given it’s a 1 slope filter on everything.
Should I be concerned?
Drivers are Peerless 107db compression tweeters in walnut replica Altec 1505B horns, and 12" 97db per watt full range drivers, in open baffle, so the little Hoods are never pushed hard.
Bass is with 2 sealed cabinet Dayton RSS265HF-4, and a midsized pro amplifier.

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