Infinity rs1b passive High Pass Filter

Looking for recommendations for the high pass filter capacitor on the input of the mid/high amplifies.

I tried RTX MultiCap instead of the existing Wondercaps that proved to be better. Also tried V-Cap CuTF which sounded hard with a loss of midrange presence.

Thinking of Mundorf or Dueland VSF now, any thoughts?

The amplifier input impedance is 116k so I’ve used 4 x 0.01uF in parallel.


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Hi, Allan

I deleted your other thread because it is a duplicate and you would rather have it here. :slight_smile: You will see a big banner the next time you log in that a post of yours has been deleted (it is excessively big).

I hope you get some good suggestions.

Thanks Elk, understood.

Regards Allan

Try Mundorf the ones shown in the IRS v gets new life

the new cross over made by bob of is audio sounds great

clean , detailed and not harsh new life to old speakers.

He used real caps as the bypass. As well.

I asked a few people and tried a few digital and analog cross overs. Bobs was designed with mr N as well as Paul and bob. Tolerance is very important in caps and as you know they all sound different don’t they lol.

Also ask bob if I might be interested in making a set for you well worth the money

lastly check your kids for two things one they all work especially the one mid near the top it bears the main load of the mids while the orders are in all in one circuit. Also look at your magnets they are not becoming powered

the imp should be about 6 to 7 dc ohms

good luck. Great speakers enjoy

Brilliant post, thank you. I’ve now soldered in eight 0.01uF Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitors (4 paralleled per channel) as calculated for the input impedance of my Manley NC 250 monos. The improvement is amazing especially in the midrange, bass clarity and extension along with stage depth/width has markedly improved too. Very listenable to which is the main thing, theres a permanent smile on my face now. A huge upgrade, thanks for the Mundorf suggestion. Apologies for the late reply, there was a delay in sourcing the capacitors.