Static IP Address for DSj?

I am thinking about purchasing a PS Audio Junior.

Can you assign a static IP address to it or is it DHCP only?

I would like to direct connect a Roon Server to the Ethernet port.

I believe that the Bridge built into the DS Junior is the same as the add-on card Bridge for the DS Senior, so you should be able to assign a fixed address. (I do this with the Bridge installed in my Sr.) It is the Bridge, not the DS itself, that gets an IP address.

Assigning a static IP address to an item on your network is done in the router and does not depend on the item you are assigning it to. So if you know how to assign a static IP address in your router then you are good.

It works both ways. It can be done in the router or end device. In my case there is no router, I am wanting to go server direct to PS audio via Ethernet.

This is absolutely true. I did exactly this for my PS DSjr, using my router to assign a fixed IP for the Junior. Everything has been absolutely flawless.

If you mean you want to connect your computer directly to the Jr. - as I recall, it doesn’t work that way. Others can fill in. It’s Upnp, which I don’t care for, so don’t use.


I’m interested in the definitive answer to if a static ip address can be set in the a PS Audio Junior.

I see it can be set in the DS Senior.

I’m thinking of getting the DS Jnr and use it with Roon which on a Nuc using ROCK. The Nuc would be connected directly to Bridge in the DS Jnr,

At present I do a similar thing by setting a static address in my SOtM sMS-200 NAA.

For background I used the steps outlined in the the Roon thread:


If you are mostly interested in keeping a specific IP address for a particular device then most home routers will have a way to reserve IP addresses based on the MAC address - both wireless and wired. If the the device itself doesn’t have a way to specify static IP address, you could still have a fixed address by configuring it on the router side. In this case the dhcp client still runs and leases will still expire but it gets back the same IP address over and over again. If you goal is to prevent dhcp from running, then configuring static IP address on the device is the only way.

I suggest contacting PS audio support for the definitive answer.

Remember that it is not the DS Sr or the DS Jr that gets an IP address, it is the Bridge. If the Bridge built into the Jr is the same as that sold to go in the Sr (except, I suppose, for the metal plate on the outside) then it should be no problem to have a static address for the Bridge in a Jr. But I cannot say with complete certainty.

I’m also interested in this as I’m just about to install my new Innous Mini Zen which has x2 ethernet ports, one connected to your switch or modem, the 2nd direct to your DAC/Streamer, which in my case is the DSJnr.

It was my understanding a static IP address is/was needed & this can be done on the DSJnr?