Mac Address

I urgent to know how to detect the mac address of lan/network bridge the ps audio junior.

how can I do?

thanks in advance, rudy

arp -a


What Dennis said or any freeware IP scanner will provide this. Just look for your Bridge IP address or the Manufacturer Name = ConversDigital Ltd


is possible that LAN / bridge does not work?

I connect router / switch but no light and address it shows. I have to enable it from the menu?

Is the DSJ configured to DHCP? If it’s on a static IP outside the IP schema of the network router you probably won’t find it on the network.

Yes I have the router whit DHCP and manual static addresses on the ntw.

I get it where is the problem;

If not turns on the green LEDs and orange I did some tests with cables and ports router and try it different PC / port switch (all cable cat6 - asus RT-ac68u - cisco SG200-26) the bridge port is faulty.

The LEDs must be lit independently of static address assigned or not !

I am in contact with the store for replacement my DS Junior …new just arrived :frowning:

thank you for your answers

ok guys,
I received the new directstream junior.
It works great, I read the mac address directly from cisco switches.

all right, great machine, no junior smile