PS Audio Class D Amp to match Directstream Chassis

Now that I see the Stellar lineup receiving rave reviews, I was curious if there was any interest in a lineup of class D amps a step up in sound quality (and in price) to meet the sound quality standards the Directstream DAC has. Or does PS Audio feel the Stellar line up of amps already does this?

I realize you guys already have your A/AB BHK amps to use with the Directstream, but I was hoping for something cheaper, a step down and, importantly, in the same chassis/size as the Directstream. I can just imagine a stack of 3 (or 4) of the same chassis looking quite sexy. A Directstream DAC, P12 power regenerator, DMP and this class D amp.


I think they have enough on their plate as it is.

+1 above.
But I can definitely attest for the fact the Jr and M700s are a great combo sonically.
And aesthetically they look great in black on the same shelf. They look like they belong with the similar color, stand by switch etc…
To me anyway.

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While I guess I would have to agree with the responses so far, I would also say that my first thought was - I think a better sounding amp could be made using a different chip. Not sure how affordably.
And the chassis could be the same as the DSJ. And this is their area - it’s not reaching into the unknown, as with other product lines. Darren could likely sort one out fairly quickly and efficiently, but that assumes he has the time, which is unlikely - that would be my guess.

Though in terms of overall development time and cost vs. potential sales, under ordinary circumstances, it would sound like a no-brainer. I’m fully willing to stipulate that this is rank speculation on my part, and I may be the no-brainer ; )

I’m pretty sure - as with Ted - when you have just developed something, you’re already working on the next thing, and one at a higher price point. Or you do one without the compromises you made to hit the current price point. So it’s not “reinventing the wheel” or starting from scratch.

I’m hoping for a psa step-up above the stellar line, because, when that happens, the price of the stellar700 monoblocks will drop. -That’s when I’ll buy.

I still struggle to really understand these new times of Class D amps as my era was „if you don’t have money for a big Class A amp you buy a small one“

…by then they were available even under 1.000 $ if I remember the price of a Musical Fidelity A1 correctly :wink:

So the demand of Class D in the top range is blasphemy for me :wink:

Right now I own a Nelson Pass designed Class A amp, but in the summertime it just produces way too much heat. That’s why I’d be interested in a high quality class D amp. One especially if it matched my Directstream’s chassis.

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I remember this problem and understand! Variable bias would be best :wink:

I feel PS Audio has a nice offer now with the Stellar and BHK lines. If they were to add anything, rather than a 3rd line I’d rather see a smaller BHK, say 150 Watts or maybe smaller BHK mono blocks at say 150 watts. I know they’ll be many thinking “if you can buy 150 watts then you can buy 250 watts”. But if money is an issue and 150 watts would do it then I’d rather have a smaller BHK than the bigger Stellar.