Stellar Gain cell DAC -- Clicking/Popping

When I turn the volume up or down using the volume knob, I get a popping sound coming through the speakers. Seems to be louder though the right speaker. Has anybody had this issue? Is it normal?


My SGDAC has a small pop sound with the increment/decrement of the volume, does not matter if vol is controlled by the actual knob or from remote. The pop sound is very light, usual I do not notice when I am in my sitting area.

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There is a very slight tick to the volume control with each up incremental increase or decrease. Should be so slight that you hardly notice.


I can feel it in the volume knob but I hear the pop in only the right speaker. It’s actually quite loud when the volume is up around the 20 mark… gets louder and louder.

OK, that isn’t normal. It shouldn’t increase as the volume is higher. I’d reach out to our service team and see what they suggest.

Thanks! I’m in contact with service now.

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