Stellar Gain Cell DAC/Pre and Aurender N100H

does the above combo work?

Should be fine using USB (and even better going USB -> Matrix X-SPDIF 2 -> HDMI)

Did you try this combo, djstix1? What’s the result? I’m also thinking about streaming transport for my GCD…

Yes I bought the N100H and am very happy with it esp compared to my previous Bluesound Node 2.I am using the USB connect with a Shunyata Venom USB cable for now. Will try the I2S setup later. Aurender conductor app is great too btw.

Care to elaborate on your preference over the Node 2.1? I’m using the Bluesound now and like streaming to two rooms at the same time. Is the sound quality better with the N100H?

Very interesting! Did you compare the sound from Aurender in comparison with direct connection to PC or notebook by usb? The thing is that I have now notebook with Jriver installed connected to Matrix X-PDIF 2 by usb and from Matrix to Stellar Gain through I2S (HDMI). And unfortunately there is no opportunity to compare if the sound from Aurender will be much better than the current system…I would very appreciate your experience in this case…

Sound quality is better with the Aurender. Also the conductor app is better than BluOS. Better sounstaging, separation and overall imaging. I find the Node 2 is “soft” in comparison whereas cymbals on the N100H sound real. I never used the multi room much so don’t miss it. I still have a pulse flex for outdoors use.

Sorry I never used a computer as source in my system but every article I have read says a dedicated streamer is better than Mac or PC

Thanks! That cymbal reference means a lot. Probably one of those things you notice once you upgrade.

Sorry to be late to this particular party, but the thread just now caught my eye. I’ll be picking up a near-mint N100H from my brother soon, and will be replacing a Node 2i into my SGCD, so it’s hard to imagine how the discussion could be more relevant to my circumstances. And like one or two others here, what expertise I could even remotely lay claim to is nowhere near the realm of computer networks and digital audio, so if it sounds as good as some have suggested, and connects and works as easily, including the Aurender iOS app, I’ll be happy beyond words.

I’ll be curious to hear what you think when you get the N100H installed. Keep us posted!

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