Stellar gain cell dac/preamp questions, thanks in advance

Hello folks I just purchased SGCD and pair of M700 amps, my questions pertain to the SGCD, went to site to download USB drivers for Windows 10,according to instruction I should see “Stellar gain cell dac” as my device in my laptops Device manager, but what I see is “PS Audio Sprout 100 DFU“ and I click on that device and it says the drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)
There are no compatible drivers for this device,click on the driver header and driver details it says No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device.

Is this all correct, I am able to stream through tidal through Audirvana but just making sure that everything is proper.
With my Wadia 321 dac them drivers had changeable perimeters in the drivers,
I am assuming not the case for PS Audios drivers or lack of needed.

Question two, there is a filter button on remote but when pressing during playback its does not function only when pressing front panel to go to set up then turning knob for selection, I was assuming this remote function would change during playback so you could do comparisons without getting up.

Thank you for your feedback :v::notes:

I also have coming a Matrix X digital usb to i2s interface for i2s hookup.

(2020 PS Audio equipment barely used in mint condition)

Sorry but I cannot answer question one, maybe some one else will chime in. Also might wanna give ps audio a call

On this you are correct. When you press the Filter button on the remote it should choose between F1, F2 and F3. I just double checked…. In doing so I remember that there is almost no noticeable difference between the 3. When you press the button are you sure the number below the sample rate isn’t changing?

I figured it out thnks, also redid the drivers from the first question and all seems to be normal now.

appreciate the input :v:

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