Stellar Gain Cell DAC Remote

Hi I just received a use Stellar Gain Cell DAC, but I was wondering about the remote. The remote I got with the SGCD is bigger than my Perfectwave DSD remote, but has a few buttons that I would like more info on. What does the the DAC volume control do and what does the DAC LEVEL do ?
Thanks, Lonnie

Any chance you could take a picture? The DSD remote is the biggest we’ve ever made. I’m guessing it’s the silver one. The DAC volume controls the volume of the DSD DAC and the DAC level puts it in low attenuator or high attenuator. Neither will be relevant for your GDAC.

I have a Stellar Gain Cell DAC and my remote has no buttons labeled “DAC Volume” or “DAC Level.” It has standard volume up and down for all source circuits, but nothing specific to the DAC.

For reference here is a SGCD Remote

Yes, that’s what I have. For size context, here’s mine by a tape measure:

The Stellar Gain Cell DAC is a pre amp with integrated DAC, the volume button’s control the volume unless you decided to set the unit to set the SGCD to DAC only mode.