Stellar Gain Cell DAC preamp

I have a Magnum Dynalab M90 tuner hooked up into one of the analog RCA inputs (input 3) and when the tuner is on and when I have input 1 switched on I do not hear anything, but when the input is switched onto 2 I can hear what is coming out of the tuner…just barely when the volume is set at 40, but I still can hear it. Is this an indication of something that is wrong with the stellar preamp?


No, there is essentially always a minute amount of cross-talk between inputs on a preamp.

Perhaps someone with a Stellar pre will report their experience.

I am a new owner of the PS Audio M300& Gain Cell DAC and I like it very much.

I have the same issue, I had switched from the digital input to the analog input I set to HT bypass and I could clearly hear the digital input in the background, mind you it was faint, but I could definitely hear it.

That being said it sounds beautiful, but the crosstalk (definitely more than my Parasound P5) and it being rather noisy (at least in my setup) gives me a touch of pause.