Stellar Gain Cell DAC - Noise issues


Curious if anyone is having this problem, and I say this with the caveat that electricity in my listening room isn’t great.

With headphones the analog inputs are all fairly quiet, you have to turn it up to max to hear anything.

Digital inputs all have a loud hum, even at lower volumes.

Connecting it via balanced inputs to my Parasound A21 results in a lot of his at normal volume, almost sounds like the ocean.

Comparatively my Parasound P5 barely adds any noise to the A21, even cranked to the top.

Any ideas here? I’ve been slowly removing noise from my system via switching outlets and power conditioners, moving the internet router to a new room, etc., puzzled why the Stellar is so noisy.

Mind you, it sounds beautiful, just want to get rid of the noise so it will sound even better.


I recommend you contact PSA customer support. My GCD’s analog and digital (HDMI) inputs are perfectly quiet whether listening through headphones or the M700s. PSA customer support is excellent. They will work with you until the issue is resolved.