Stellar Gain Cell Dac & Roon

Hi there from Germany,

yesterday I installed Roon on my PC. During the installations, Roon shows the former Ps Audio DACs Roon ready. Why not the newer Stellar? I like to switch from Jriver to Roon, but would like to have a best possible compatibility between hardware and software. Are there updated ASIO usb drivers to come (soon)?
Best wishes, Steve

Roon ready is only applicable through a network connection. Because the GainCell doesn’t have a network connection, it isn’t applicable. Roon through USB to the GainCell will sound great!

Thank you again, Jamesh!
I guess you meant sound instead of wound? (wound could kill, sound would thrill) :rofl:
Indeed the sound via USB is good, when using Roon. And: I would not miss the GainCell :upside_down_face:

Ha, thanks for the fix. Yes definitely sound, not wound!