Sprout not in Roon list

Pluggin in my new (second!) Sprout. Roon came up with only two possibilities for what this thing is, which IS cool, but Sprout wasn’t in there: PS Audio DirectStream DAC, and PS Audio DirectStream Junior, or “My device isn’t here.”
I selected DirectStream Junior, it works great.
Just FYI guys!

Sprout’s not a roon-ready device, while the other two are. :slight_smile:

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Stellar Gain DAC isn’t either.

Since they are not ethernet connected they can’t be roon reasy endpoints.

There seems to be some confusion about what is selected here. You’re selecting an icon to be displayed in the zone (audio endpoint now?) selection area of the app and that’s it. Roon doesn’t do anything with this selection other than changing the icon.

Roon Ready (network attached streamers using RAAT) get their icons added as part of the Ready certification program. Roon Tested devices (DACs with no network connectivity but are compatible with Nucleus over USB) get an icon as part of certification as well. A USB DAC identifies itself via the USB ID and Roon Bridge sends this back to Core which is why you see it in the settings, signal path, etc… I don’t know if Roon supplies icons for non Roon Tested devices. A list of devices which have been certified against the two programs is here 75+ Roon Ready Partners - Network Players, Devices & Core Servers

Now, the Roon Tested thing is always a bit confusing. Nucleus runs ROCK which is Roon’s tweaked version of Linux. Under the hood it is still using ALSA framework to support UAC1 (and maybe UAC2 at this point) DACs. If your DAC supports UAC1 then it will / should work fine with Roon and the system will be working through the same driver / framework as every other UAC1 DAC including the majority of those which are certified “Roon Tested”. You just don’t get an icon. It’d be PS’s action to submit their USB DACs (including Sprout) to be Roon Tested if they felt the icon was of importance.

Anyway, just pic whatever icon you like and enjoy the music.
EDIT: ^^^ I know that should be pick but… I thought “pic” was an appropriate typo here.