Stellar Gain DAC & Auralic Aries Mini

I have not rebooted or powered down the iPad.

Will try. Thanks

If you don’t power down the iPad and LDS when you make a change it doesn’t flush it’s memory and it tries to play the last working setup. Took me a while to figure that out years ago. Sometimes if you have multiple outputs(USB and a coax) hooked up to an Aries model and try to change output with the same DAC you have to power down for it to recognize the change

So…I unplugged EVERYTHING; deleted the ALDS from my iPad. Powered it off…came back later.

SGD on; completely new AAM set-up. Set-up was fine…but still get this error, on playback

I can try a laptop tomorrow; but can anyone speak to this f-2, on the SGD…when I’m on the USB input?

That sure sounds like a bad USB board and laptop direct is going to be the only way to verify. At least if you’ve got other cables you can use coax or optical for now.

Getting ready, to run my little netbook.

Think I’m just going to load Tidal, and see what happens.

I’ll post.

Preliminary results are in.

Warning; scorched earth ahead.

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Just as a side note I have a tube dac I have been testing in the Main system for the last couple of days before listing it for sale so just as a test I turned off the dac while LDS was still running and got the same message you got which indicates it sees the USB port on the dac but that it is not on or d.o.a.

Well…I hooked up the netbook, to the SGD.

Windows saw the device, and went to load the driver. It seemed it loaded OK; but the end flashed by…so I didn’t see any potential error messages.

However…no PS Audio to be chosen, for either the Win audio output; nor the Tidal app.

I looked around…but no sign that the driver was installed. I disconnected cables…turned the SGD on and off; switched inputs, etc. Every time…Win made the little “bing-bong”, like it sensed a new device; but it never attempted to re-load the driver.

I finally went to the PSA website…and downloaded and installed it manually; and, of course, everything worked just fine.

But…that’s bad news. It seems, the SGD DOES need a driver; and the AAMs Linux OS…won’t grab it (or playback to it correctly).

I spent 45 minutes, of f*cking around with Windows…and drivers…and config; which is exactly why I bought an “appliance” like the AAM In the first place. If I wanted to futz around, with that kind of $hit; I’d put my old C.A.P.S. back together!

If the SGD, won’t work with the AAM; that’s a deal-breaker…and disappointing. I guess I’ll have to post in the Auralic forums, and see if that’s the case (though some said Auralics don’t need a driver; so I’m not sure why the AAMs OS would be any different).

So did it play music from the laptop which would have needed the driver? I have played my Mini through at least a half dozen dacs and it doesn’t need a driver. Only Windows needs drivers not Linux or Mac OS.

Yes, it plays music.

But…IMO; you’ve got it backwards; it’s NOT the Mini, that needs a driver. It’s SOME DACs (including maybe the SGD).

Think of our current scenario: the netbook, doesn’t install a driver…to the DSG. The DSG installs a driver to the netbook. The netbook can “take” it…because Windows can.

Linux based machines can’t (or can’t always); and I’ve seen the Mini, not work with other DACs (it’s just, they were typically older…and I wouldn’t have expected it from the SGD. For example…no issues, with my NAD C658)

Don’t know what to tell you because in the four years I’ve owned the Mini I have never owned a DAC it wouldn’t recognized and play to. The same is true of the Aries Femto and the G1. Are you on the latest firmware 5.6 from the 10th of this month? Though not optimal you may just have to use the Coax or optical outputs until you can get an answer as to a possible fix from PSA or Auralic.

LDS is 5.6.1. Does the box get firmware updates; I forget?

It did when it was a current item but not since it has been discontinued. I can’t even remember when the last one was. I just keep mine because after you subtract the free year of Tidal from the price it only cost $350 and their is nothing on the market that can touch it. It still smokes the Node 2 latest version years later. It was costing Auralic a fortune in sales as it just worked and if you bought a Teradak or other LPS off of Ebay for less than $150 it got even better. If you take the real cost of the Mini after the Tidal subscription plus the Ebay LPS you were still under the list price of the Mini.

Yeah; I suspected that’s why they discontinued it. Great little box

I picked up, the aforementioned C658…to drop one less box from my footprint. But…while it’s a very sophisticated piece of kit; it’s got TOO many bells & whistles, for my current less-is-more approach.

It’ll suck, if this SGD…is another trip, down the wrong path. Anyone know, if the MicroRendu…will DEFINITELY run straight into the USB?

I think I finally had a breakthrough.

I guess I should have mentioned…I picked this GCD up, second-hand??

I’m being told, it was an updated USB board; that allowed the GCD…to see Linux-based devices, like my AAM?

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I’d check with them by phone in the morning and see what it takes to do the update. Most of the usb boards are plug in.

I know this is an old thread, but was there any resolve to the OP’s issue? Mine is exhibiting the exact same issue.