Stellar gaincell dac too loud

I have a stellar gaincell dac and the M700 monoblocks. I love them, but I have a small issue. Sometimes for early morning or late night listening I find it too loud. Volume at 1 out of 100 and the SPL is around 45db.

I looked for settings related to this but did not find anything.

Is there a way to be able to get the volume lower?


thank you

I have the same setup but 15 is about where I get 45dB.

How sensitive are your speakers? I wonder if that’s related. Mine are 91.5db

I’m running Magnepan LRS’s which run 86dB.

I’ve got the same Stellar Stack and my volume level 1 on the SGCD blue screen varies from source to source on my system. CD player is softer than streamer. Turntable through a phono pre is softer still. I wouldn’t say my streamer, which is the loudest at 1, is 45db with my ear as the only measurement, but I can’t use it while folks are sleep either. I think my streamer has some form of volume adjustment, but I’ll get to that one day :joy: