Stellar M700 Protection Mode

Having an issue with my brand new Stellar M700’s going into protection mode. They are hooked up to Audiovector SR3 speakers. The SR3’s have a gold plate that connects the treble, mid, and bass at the speaker terminal, allowing for single or triple wiring (why triple?). When I single wire one of the M700s to the speaker on the left channel, the amp immediately goes into protection mode. I switched amps, same problem. So I figured its the speaker. If I remove the gold plate and biwire the amp to the treble and bass, no problem, but then I have no mid since the m700 has only 2 speaker outputs. Prior to getting the M700s, my Sprout100 was powering the SR3s without any problems. I have tried different speakers with the M700s, Amphion Ion+, and I have no problems. I took the SR3’s to my local HiFi shop where I purchased them and they work fine single wired to Carver 180M tube monoblocks (class A) and solid state Gold Note PA-1175 monoblocks (class A/B). I am out of ideas. Is this a class D monoblock compatibility issue? Has anyone had this happen?

The amp will go into protection if it senses a short. So, it sounds like that’s what it’s seeing for some reason.

It’s hard to diagnose over the forums so you might want to give us a call on Monday if you want someone to work with you directly.

Thanks Paul, I will call on Monday.

Welcome, drroman67!

I hope you get up and running quickly. Let us know how your issue is resolved.

Unfortunately, the Stellar M700’s did not work out for me. Sent them back to PSA, but no problems found with the amps. The techs and designer are stumped as to why they go into protection mode only on one speaker. Likely a compatibility issue with my Audiovector SR3 speakers, as these speakers work fine with several other amps, including my Sprout100. However, thanks to the excellent customer service at PSA, I am the proud owner of a BHK 250 and it is working perfectly with my speakers! I can’t say enough kind words to express my gratitude to PSA and its customer service. Funny how I originally wanted a Stellar S300 and after talking to the PSA people at Axpona I settled on the Stellar M700’s. And now, I’m in audio nirvana listening to a brand new BHK 250!


So in return of your 2x m700’s, they gave you a BHK250 ? That’s awesome Customer Support. I have the Stellar Stack (SGCD & 2x m700’s) driving Series 1 Bose 901’s through a Series 2 Bose EQ that I coin the “Dog’s Breakfast” due to all the modifications I did. It’s been trouble free for 3 months. That’s a sweet setup you have there drroman67.

This is absolutely awesome. Apparently PS Audio considered the cost of the less hassle than trying to find out what’s going on. It is certainly more customer friendly.

However as Stellar Gain Cell DAC owner I am contemplating buying another Stellar set with a pair of M700’s for the living room. Such technically unresolved issues do leave a funny impression.

I fully understand that trying to resolve this is only worth the effort if it would more clearly be an issue with the amps rather than with the speaker or wiring. I also think that you cannot expect a customer who bought US$ 3000 worth of amps not to be able to enjoy music in stereo for the duration of time till the technical issue is resolved.

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Do you remember if the M700’s were connected to the right hand output of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC or left hand output, or did you only change the speaker cables?

Rajugsw, thanks for the kind words regarding my setup. They did not want to send me another pair of M700’s since they couldn’t find what the issue was in the first place. They offered the BHK 250 at a price I could not refuse. I’ve now had the BHK 250 for a week and all I can say is WOW!

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Rudolf_Appel, I tried changing everything that I could to remedy the situation, nothing worked. I do not believe it’s an issue with the SGD and M700s. I believe it’s an incompatibility issue with the M700s and my Audiovector SR3s. If I lived closer to Boulder, CO, I would have taken my speakers to PSA. I think this would be the only way for PSA to find out what the issue is. I now have a brand new BHK 250 that is working fine with my Audiovector SR3s and I am using the SGD for my Pre/DAC.

Please don’t get me wrong it was not a criticisms addressed to you. I understand that the situation was too unpractical. Yes, it might have had to do with the tripple wiring possibilities.

Glad for you that the BHK 250 works. I like the SGCD M700 combo a lot.