Another question regarding the M700's

I have had a question asked of me this past hour (or rather told not do this) A fellow hi fi enthusiast on a UK facebook page said, “do not stack the 2 power amps with the Stellar Dac/Pre on top”. I agree to the extent of having each amp near to the corresponding speaker, but it would mean having the Rel High level leads split quite far, to connect to a speaker terminal

If I have the space, with the Anthem a/v sat in the middle

I have mine stacked, because it is the only way I can locate them. I do, however, have them separated by 1" EVA anti-vibration pads. I did see a convincing article by Robert Deutsch in Stereophile about the definite improvement in sound with side-by-side placement!

No problems here.


Not using “Multiwave” setting…?

Oh, the horror.



The first thing I noticed too. I thought it only worked in MW mode :wink:


Ok, wise guys.


Much better…

I was afraid I was going to have trouble sleeping tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, let us know if you end up having a preference. I must confess, my default setting is MW based more on what I have read about the two setting options than what I have observed in my system.

BTW, if you are really serious about optimizing sound quality, the next picture you post of your SP3 better be with the LEDs dimmed, you heretic. :wink::rofl:


Nice system!

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In all honesty, I’ve managed to avoid any and all discussions of the benefits of MW, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to do. But comparing while listening just now to the SACD of the Bob James Trio’s Feel Like Making Live album, it sounds like high frequencies are a little more revealing - a tiny bit of extra shimmer on the cymbals and rim shots. Maybe they’re not as obscured by noise, so they’re more easily discerned? I dunno.

If it’s supposed to do something different than that, it’s lost on me, at least until I listen with it a lot, and then switch back. Sometimes that’s the best way to hear changes.

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And now that there are two LEDs lit up, I may have no choice but to dim them. Way too bright in here. :wink:


Agreed. THE ONLY way to make a final decision with such choices, for me at least.

Have fun.

I only asked my question because of this post on Facebook, and I quote:
“Don’t stack them like shown - you can take that advice or leave it. Class A or D, I’d still give the amps the best possible cooling you can give them, so that they can last as long as is possible (which is sensible at this price) - Class D are less reliable, and have a lower life expectancy than their analogue counterparts - especially the switching power supplies (if used). Contrary to popular belief, Class D do not run cold, and switch mode power supplies run quite hot (hotter than you think) - standard smps have around 25 Years MTBF or less - for every 25 sold, one will fail each year - statistically. I was told that this is why some dealers shy away from the ultra-high-end class D, because they seem to get a lot more returns. If they do, it takes ages to repair, and it’s more expensive if the guarantee has run out. Then you have the current ‘Silicon shortages’ to deal with.
It would be interesting to see or hear what MTBF’s Class D manufactures will give you - but I think they won’t.”
And the guy knows about amps, as he used to make and repair them apparently, here in the UK

I was curious about heat, so shortly after getting my M700s in place and running, I used my barbecue IR surface-read thermometer to take the temperature of the cases, all around. At their warmest, they were never hotter than the mid-to-upper 90s (F).


so the consensus is its OK to have them stacked, with the SGC dac/pre on top and maybe some isolation, to make the air gap between the components more prominent? Sorry for the silly questions people, I am just making sure I get the best from them

Based on my experience, I would absolutely say it’s ok to have them stacked. That’s different from saying there wouldn’t be any improvement in separating them, either in sound or longevity. But I don’t have the space to do that, so I’ve never experimented. And of course, anyone who’s concerned about air flow in a stack can insert the product of their choice under the feet for added clearance. Personally, I’d like to think the folks at PSA already took the required clearance into consideration when they sourced the feet. After all, the photos on the product page show them stacked.


I would have thought that to Craig. Like I have said, I just want to try and get the best out of them. IF I can get them side by side, I will prob have to sell on my newly acquired TQ Black II 2 meter speaker cable and get 1 meter, or just bite the bullet and get the cables re terminated

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I had mine both stacked and side by side and couldn’t tell any difference in SQ. They are made to run reliably as a stacked pair but if you are concerned you could always add a set of footers to space them apart a little more when stacked. They are a really good amp for the money.

What about putting a sheet of 3M RF EMI blocking between them? Is it worth it?

My 7s are stacked, too. They’re separated by cones under the feet of the top bunk.

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I’d be concerned about something like that completely blocking off airflow, unless it was on a rigid surface that was itself held in a plane that stood off from both units above and below.

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