M700 technical problem

Due to the fact that I did not receive any response from the support department. I have a question for you about the M700 monoblocks. I want to buy one, but the seller mentioned that the reason for selling these amplifiers is that they turn off when I connect them to the Audiovector R1 speakers. Since the equipment is not new, I would not like to buy a pig in a poke. Can anyone confirm that such a problem can occur with such speakers? (And with others it will work without any problems) And even if such a problem is known, could this equipment be damaged by connecting such speakers?

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I am sorry. You contacted our support department at PS Audio and got no answer? Phone call or email? We’ve had some phone issues so I appreciate knowing what the problem was.

In any case, the M1200 should have no problems with the Audiovector speakers. They are small two-ways that should make for a great combination. I wouldn’t hesitate to connect them together.

Hi Paul,
I contacted support via email. This is not a problem. But time is running out and I don’t want to miss the chance to buy this equipment :slight_smile:
I want to buy a used M700, not an M1200. The seller mentioned this problem, hence my question.
I have Snell E2, and I’m planning GoldenEar t66 or FR10 :slight_smile:

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I emailed support five days ago and never heard back either. But I finally did get through calling.

Looks like I’ll have to play sapper

Audiovector has introduced a grounding scheme called Freedom for their speaker line which can cause problems with bridged amps such as the M700 or M1200. You should be fine if you do not use this 3rd connector. You might check with the previous owner if he was using that connection.

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He probably used a cable like this. But it doesn’t matter anymore because unfortunately these amplifiers have already been sold :disappointed:

I will be having my pair of M700’s available shortly but I’m assume you are looking for a UK version, correct?

Yes, unfortunately I’m on the wrong side of the water :slight_smile: I need the European version

It was truly a bargain. It will be difficult to buy a pair of monoblocks for $1500. So I’ll probably go with the Moonriver 404. A new pair of M700s, plus a preamplifier and a DAC - might be difficult for me to purchase (especially in Europe where the prices aren’t as nice as in the US)

I, like a few others here, also have not gotten email replies over the last few months.

I received an e-mail from support. But unfortunately the equipment has already been sold. But I don’t worry about it, because if I bought damaged equipment, I would lose a lot of money. Such a life.

Generally, I have never had a situation where no one from support responded to me at all. I have completely different experiences - everyone is always ready to help and you can count on good advice. I would like every company’s support department to work like the one at PS AUDIO.

If you want monoblocks at that price, try building the Wolverine amplifier from DIY Audio. I am building them right now. You get a world-class amp at a bargain price. Pretty easy to build.

Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile: Assembling such a kit is not a problem - if you are an electronics expert - I am not. Besides, I would have to buy equipment that I don’t have. I basically only have a good soldering station. The problem from my point of view is this: given my free time, it will probably take about two months. Only then will it become clear whether the sound characteristics suit me. Ready-made amplifiers make this process easier - you can rent them and test them. In a relatively short period of time you know whether it is the right path or not.
But Yes, the DIY world is very interesting. There are often many more interesting things going on there than in a boring commercial swamp :wink: