Stellar M700 With B&W Nautilus 803


I wonder if I should stay away from Class D amps with these speakers, especially since both the HCA-2 & M700s are based on the ICE module. Maybe Class A or A/B would be a better match?

Also, I’ve considered the PCA-2/HCPS as a really good preamp. Any opinions on matching that specifically with the M700s or any other amp for that matter.

Thanks for your time.


i have loved b&w for over a decade. i currently own 804d2.
i have recently been floored by Focal 1028be & 1038be.
about to place my first audiogon ad.


Why not try the M700’s and hear for yourself with PSAudio’s in-home trial for 30 days (includes free shipping both ways).


@robday, did you get the M700s? Curious how they worked with the B&W 803. I’ve got a friend with smaller B&Ws and he bought a hefty Emotiva amp, which sounded like garbage through the B&W. I’m running smaller Wharfedale Jade 3 (6 ohm) with M700s and sounds amazing.


No, I have put this on hold untill I can do more research & listening. I’m just not convinced that Class D is the right way to go with the N803s. They are on Class D now and it is not a good fit. I’m finding out that the older B&W Nautilus series are very picky when it comes to amplification.


Measure twice, cut once… Do some research and try anything you can in house. My 700s drove everything very well with one exception. Now I’m a bit reversed, my 700s actually drove my difficult 4ohm 87db current speakers better than my new/current AB. Damn… Anyway, take your time and enjoy…


Don’t think you can categorize Class D amps anymore. The better designs are better than many Class AB amps and no longer have the shortcomings of the past. In other words if it doesn’t sound great it’s not necessarily because it’s Class D.


Completely agreed. Initially, Class D amps were dreadful - harsh, cold, bleh. Then companies learned how to produce them and designers found how to work with them. Now the can be as spectacular - or as poor - as any other amplification topology.


I use a couple of M700s + SGCD to move a pair of 805s Diamond and the results are amazing. Music is very alive , always surprising, detailed but not to the point of harsh. I love the combination.