Stellar phono emanating blue light from cabinet

I’m really enjoying a new Stellar phono preamp but wondered if it’s normal for a bright blue light to emanate from the cabinet vents even when the Stellar is in standby mode. It’s as bright as a night light but blue. I’m thinking there are some blue LED’s in the circuit which are on unless the unit is completely powered down.
Anyone else experienced this, and is there a way to dim the blue PSA standby button and the LED’s on the faceplate?

I think you will find that it is normal. Both mine and a friends does the same thing.

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I think it’s normal as I already read about this light always on somewhere here on the forum. Same blue light always on in my SPP.

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The internal ones are functional actually - the LEDs are part of the discrete voltage references used in parts of the circuit. As far as the button, people put various things over it to dim or modify it if it is too bright.

Thanks Badbeef,
That’s what I thought.
More about the Stellar phono:
It’s quite a luxury being able to change the loading on my cartridge and gain and mute from my listening seat with the remote. The balanced outputs on the Stellar really fit the bill as my turntable and phono preamp are 25 feet from my main preamp and amps. The Stellar phono is a bargain, even when it’s not on sale. I just bought a used Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge, and I am now in analog heaven. Analog is worth the extra effort! Now I can play the many LP’s I own which never were digitized, and the other hundreds of albums which sound more ORGANIC than digital ?