Blue on off blue light not working

Petty but it drives me crazy, I have four matching components, but the blue on off light on my dac MK2 is very dim compared to the other three, I replaced the on off board, looked everything over all looks good and works fine, but that damn light doesn’t work, any ideas ?

The lights are LEDs and will light only if the polarity is correct. Did you change the LED itself or simply replace the entire board?

I replaced the entire board, honestly, I 'm no expert and cant really grasp how that blue pc of plastic lights at all , encased in the white solid plastic carrier pc. . ive had it out three times and my only thought was to replace the board. it does light but very dim, almost like that carrier pc. is blocking it.

Hmm, the polarity is correct so there goes that hypothesis.

I have a PWT and I’ve replaced the button board for the same problem. It’s still dim. It seems the problem lies elsewhere. I gave up as I’m not sending it to Boulder for a massage for this issue. I’m just living with.

Can you perhaps reach out and contact us directly? Perhaps we can help figure something out.

In my main system I have a Stellar Phono Pre, Direct Stream that started life as a PWD Mk. 1 (and still has the original display board), BHK Preamp, P10, and BHK 250. The blue standby lights on the older units (DS and P10) are much dimmer than the newer ones, and they have always been this way. The PWT upgraded to DS is the least bright.

Interesting. I have a P15, DMP, DSD that was a PWD 1 then 2, and a NuWave Phono preamp and the P15 is the very dimmest by far.

I just noticed that I had the display dimmed on the P10. When I undimmed it, the standby light got brighter too, but still not as bright as my BHK’s or SPP.

The two oldest devices that I own are a P5 and a PWT both have dim standby buttons in spite of a new button board. It’s just a sign of age I guess. Kind of like me, old and sometimes dim.