Stellar phono LEDs

I am really happy with my new SPP. It really is a remarkable phono preamp. My only issue is the bright LEDs all over the face of the device as well as the internal LEDs. They are really distracting and wreck the vibe. It’s a little more problematic for me, at I have an eye condition that multiplies bright point sources like those.

Also, in sleep mode, I don’t understand why the guts need to glow like a teen’s gaming PC.

It’s a small gripe relative to the sonic performance of the device. Still, having lived with it for a couple weeks, I find myself wishing I could attenuate those LEDs after startup without voiding warranties or redneck measures.

Any constructive thoughts are welcome

Thanks dawkinsj!

I see they also make a version that dims 50-80%. I’ve ordered both and will give that a try. I think they will help me in other areas as well.

Thanks again!

Hope they work out for you.

The internal LEDs are part of the bias circuitry for the gubbins inside, so can’t be dimmed/turned off easily.
I agree, they perhaps could have been shielded (from what I read here they are pretty bright) it’s this new generation of electronics designers you see - brought up on gaming PCs and consoles :wink:
(Respect to Darren et al for being electronics designers!)

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The BHK pre has red glow during standby that a few seconds after the back switch is turned off. I avoid putting the BHK pre or the Stellar phono on the top of the rack :+1:t2: