Stellar Phono Pre Sale

The Stellar Phono Pre is on sale for $1999. I must be cursed. I was just sitting here thinking about selling mine. I seem to be constantly on the wrong side of these sales.


Lets see…Darren Myers creates the Stellar Phono. Michael Fremer gives it probably the best recommendation/review possible. In the vinyl world that’s about as good as it gets. Darren leaves PS Audio for Parasound…and they slash the price of the Stellar Phono 1000 bucks…hmmm

I can only speak for myself…but I bought the Directstream 2 DAC not only because of the reviews, but also the trade in value for my Directstream 1 was way more than I could sell it for. If I kept my Direcstream 1 I knew the value was going to plummet. I guess my point is…Usually the used audio market is somewhat stable for quality gear. With PS Audio’s new business model, and generous trade in policies…it can dramatically changed the values of their used gear if your not going to trade it in. I’m not saying its good or bad…but its certainly something to consider.


That and their current pricing structure may figure in their trade in business model, especially now that they sell direct.

The timing does seem odd but it has been available for close to four years so a sale is almost to be expected.

Did this not just happen to you a couple of months ago? M700 or 1200?

Darren is gone?

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Replacing the preamp or replacing the vinyl?

Your timing is perfect!

I just saw TMR list a pair within the past week. $100 less than the sale. So you are not alone.

It’s not going to happen again.


Stop buying and selling! At least it’s not boats!