Darren Myers now with Parasound


Thank you, Darren, for the Stellar series…


Darren Myers will be missed I think he designed the M1200 amps and had
a lot to do with the BHK series tube input sections…me thinks…

Parasound just got a great engineer…

Best wishes

That’s a nice move up the food chain for Darren. It’s going to be interesting to watch him put his fingerprints on Parasound. Hopefully he’ll come out with a better Pre. I didn’t care for the JC 2 BP. Particularly the volume control.


Darren will definitely be missed but this sounds like a great career move. I suspect no end in sight relative to the HiFi Podcast hiatus… If so, that will be missed as well.

I wish Darren the best for his life and career, he’s young and talented. Good luck! Thank Darren for letting me enjoy products like the M1200s and the Stellar Phono Pre.

Having said that I’m also sad, I was patiently waiting for the new Phono Pre designed by Darren, and now? PS Audio family is missing a great designer, audiophile world will certainly be surprised more and more time in future by his genius.


the same emotions about Perfectwave Phono…
looks like I will dream about top of the line Gold Note from amazing Italy


Glad I got what I did when I could. He’ll be missed here, but he will continue to develop and spread the gospel of great design and sound.


Wow, congrats to him but bummer for PSA. Comparable company reputations IMO but sounds like a much more prestigious position.

Lots of movement in audio. Completely different stratosphere but Gryphon lost their founder Fleming Rasmusson to a new startup (or rather, he retired for a couple years but now is reportedly back at it anew).

Fleming joined Audio Denmark Group (Ansusz, Aavik, Borresen) as I know


Wow. Congrats Darren. I know he held John Curl in high regard as do most in this hobby/business. Those will be some big shoes to fill. Wonder if the Perfectwave phono preamp will see the light of day?

Uh, I began to suspect something special since the Darren/Duncan site stopped and then since Darren wasn’t active anymore in the forum.

There’s always a story behind we’ll never know, and we might have our own guesses, but seen from outside, it seems like a loss for PSA in terms of deep listening /design skills at least, especially after BHK died and Darren in my understanding took over future BHK line activities, too, besides Stellar, new PW phono etc. I thought Darren and PSA would be a perfect match (if it’s not just a career thing, which a bigger company can offer and PSA not…in case Parasound is bigger, which I assume)

Good luck to Paul in solving this gap and good luck to Darren in the new job!


Congratulations to him! He is younger than I pictured. I was hoping to see an upgrade for the M1200 from him too.

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Major loss to PS Audio I would say. While I really don’t know any of the other electrical/electronic engineers, Darren seemed to stand out and had his hand on many recent products. Of course, we know all about Chris Brunhaver, but Paul should introduce us to some of the electronics designers (hint, hint).

To those worried about the phono stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been completed or at least 90+% completed. With all the other supply chain issues I’m sure the production schedule slipped a lot.

I’ll add that I met Darren at AXPONA in 2019, he’s real sharp and quite young (30’s?). He’ll go a long way, I just hope Parasound is a good fit for his talent. Maybe when PS Audio needs a new lead designer they can woo him back!

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It’d be interesting to see a Parasound hybrid amp out in the market in the near future.

Good for him and wishing him al the best, but why worry for PSA? Yes, there’s a vacancy.
I guess uncle Paul will find a new bright light to be the new kid on the block, or perhaps already has. Let’s sure hope so!


Darren is amazing as is John Curl. Their products should be outstanding. Paul should be proud of him.

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I’m certain he is.

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The timing isn’t a coincidence, I suspect. Shortly after Richard Schram retires and turns the helm over to David Sheriff. I’ve read the same interview with Schram and Sheriff everyone else has. When I slice through the fluff, I come across with the impression Sheriff has made his mark as a cost cutter and efficiency guru. Parasound was a labor of love for Schram with John Curl as his technical muse. I’m not clear at all whether Sheriff’s heart is in it, or whether he just views Parasound as another cost cutting/efficiency challenge. I wish Darren happy trails and hope Parasound doesn’t wind up in the long term being just a purveyor of cheap, albeit high volume, boom box stuff. Time will tell. At least we know Darren will always internally advocate for top shelf design.

I have to correct my assumption. If what I could hardly find out is right, Parasound is half as big as PSAudio with a third of its revenue. Wrong or right, I don’t know.

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I found similar info.