Stellar sale?

So PSA is having a Perfect Wave sale. Is there a similar Stellar sale? And so these things happen predictably? When was the last Stellar sale?

Am in the market for a Stellar phono stage. Thanks.

You may have missed your chance for the year, Stellar series was on sale in May of this year. But who knows what Q4 holds…. I’m right there with ya on the stellar phono, but I may have heard a rumor that there is a Sprout phono stage in the works… (personally that might be more in my budget anyway)

You could also try to take advantage of the generous trade in if you don’t want to wait for another sale.

Not predictable I don’t think. Sometimes some stuff goes on sale near Black Friday but not always and kinda random. Like a few years ago it was those products recommonded by Stereophile magazine. Since already two sales this year I’d agree with club above unlikely

There’s plenty of used on the market:

I think the Stellar phono was $1499 during that sale.

I think so too. But sale withstanding $1750 is $700 off the new price. For a 9/10, if I was interested, I wouldn’t hesitate.

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I think you could probably get that deal new if you called PS Audio directly.