Stellar Phono Preamp arrived

Welcome back @hdbc

Philip, if the right inputs are selected into phono stage and the C48 but no sound, I know the feeling. PSA are usually quite responsive, and should come back to you. I hope it is not a major, and your warranty is good.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, everything is hooked up correctly, the correct input on the preamp is selected. Everything worked before it didn’t, so nothing changed as far as the installation and setup when I chose to play vinyl.

So you’re saying it randomly stopped working one day? I would double check all connections and completely reboot everything in the system. I’ve never heard of it working perfectly one day and then just stopping the next without something changing in the system. Give the service team another call and if needed, they’ll get you an RMA ASAP!

This unit will sometimes power on in MM even though you last used it in MC. Double check that you are in the correct mode.