Stellar Phono Stereophile Review

Mikey likes it!

Stereophile Stellar Phono Review

The new (February 2020) Stereophile came today and there’s a PS Audio ad on page 96. Sadly, Mikey’s surname is misspelled on the last line of the ad. Great new ad campaign, nevertheless.

Yeah, one too many m’s. Oops. Apologies too Mike. He probably didn’t need that extra M.

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A question for those that have heard this preamp. How “black” is it? Mr. Fremer does not talk about how quiet it is.
It must be, or he would have mentioned it.
This is something that I will probably find out for myself in the near future.

Very, very black.

You from northern MI?

Originally, yes. There are people that live in Michigan that don’t know where Alpena is. I have been in Colorado for decades.
So, no music, no sound?

First 30+ years of my life in MI. We’ve recently determined there seem to be a disproportionate number of Midwesterners that actually post out loud here, for some reason🤷🏻‍♂️

Not sure what your last line means, as you mention quiet and black - so I assume you mean quiet. The chassis is also pretty black, depending on what you order.

“Blackness” was the first thing that stood out to me about it.

Indeed. S’got the funk, bruh✊🏻

I meant, :fist:t5:

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Dan - as a lifelong bass player, what’s your take on the rendition of bottom on your records?

I ask this, as there tends to be a focus on the top end on this sort of stuff.

Like that new/old avatar, BTW.:sob::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

None more black to quote from Spinal Tap.

Astonishingly, the only LPs I have that I’ve played on are Jon Hassell’s. On which the bass is so deep that they’d make a perfect test, but I haven’t done it yet.

Seemingly a definitive test🤘🏻 Though don’t actually have any vinyl of his stuff.

Yeah, I do of course.

I had a good couple days when I got the Stellar, but mostly played older Water Lily records. Been sick since then.

PM umiami on his “Dunno WTF I would do without you” thread. You guys can arm-wrestle on who’s more effed up.

No thanks.

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Want to ask about Water Lily, if I didn’t already - as the owner of one of three of those Uber Analog recording chains.

Why was the CD (at any rate) of Meeting seemingly SO far below 0dB?

No idea. Never heard it. Bad history there. My departure from helping Water Lily.

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…and no disrespect meant to you in my comment. Love the color and font of the new ad. Just my broadcasting and advertising history to notice that sort of thing.

And if Mikey likes it, it must be something special. I saw a thread on the forums about the price and why it’s a Stellar rather than a higher end PS Audio product. But that was exactly Mikey’s point: why the heck would you need to pay more?!

Thanks, Paul,