Stellar Phono Preamplifier?

I have the sprout 100 but was looking into getting one of the Hana cartridges for my VPI Cliffwood. My plan was to get the Stellar phono and then the stellar integrated down the road. My question is What is so special about the Stellar phono? I Don’t know much about chips etc but Compared to others like the Pathos in the groove or EAT E-Glo Petit the stellar Just looks like a computer chip with a few connections on it. Also for anyone all ready using a Hana with the stellar how do you like the sound.

In my opinion it’s outstanding characteristic is it’s transparency. I use it with a vintage Linn Asak moving coil. I can honestly say I never heard what this cartridge could do until I hooked it up to the Stellar and figured out proper loading for it. Took quite a while for it to settle down and sound this awesome though.

I use the Stella Phono with a Hana ML which works beautifully together. Can highly recommend the pairing.

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I used the Stellar Phono Pre with the Hana ML for two years and currently with the Umami Red. I think the the pairings compliment each other quite well. With either of the Hana cartridges this combination has been smoothly articulate. I strongly agree with rkindel’s characterizing the Stellar unit as transparent. The Stellar was an improvement sound quality-wise over my previous phono stage, a PS Audio GCPH, which was no slouch.

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I’m seeing a few people on a google search talk about noise/hum with this product. Is this a known issue or just something a few people experienced?