Stellar Power Plant 3 and Hegel Integrated Amplifiers

Anyone powering a Hegel H390 with a Stellar Power Plant 3? I am wondering if the Stellar PP3 is enough to drive a Hegel H390.

I am also curious if the H190 could be powered by the Stellar PP3.



It may help if you post the specifications of the amp.

I think of Hegel amps as quite powerful and expect you would be better off with a more powerful Power Plant.

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I am happy to report that the Stellar PP3 is more than enough to drive a Hegel H390 (250 watts into 8ohms.)

I bought a H390 this week. :partying_face:

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In what way did it improve the sound of the Hegel?

Congratulations! It is a serious amp / streamer. You will love it.

2 x 250 W/8 Ω Dual Mono