Stellar Power Plant 3 vs Perfect Wave Power Plant 5

The room that I’m using for my stereo / home theater is a bonus room above a garage and the ac circuit is also used for a washing machine and other undesirables. I understand that running dedicated lines might be the best solution but that would mean getting the wife involved so I’m looking into AC regenerators. Anyone have experience with the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3? I’m using a Hegel H390, 250 watts/channel and wondering if this is a good option.

Also, there’s a PS Audio Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 on Audiogon for $1800. Any thought about this vs the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3?

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I’d suggest a regenerator AND a dedicated line.

Some of the P5s are getting long in the tooth. Mine is nine years old. How many watts does your Hegel 390 require? Do you have other components to manage?

netspecht-2, Age was exactly my concern about the P5. But does the added clean power off set the age when comparing to the Stellar PP3

I have the Hegel H390 at 250 watts/channel, a phono amp, turntable, surround amp, and projector.

Like Net said, both a dedicated line and a regenerator would be ideal. Generally, I would recommend a P3 over a P5. The P3 has cleaner output power and the regulation is better. However, with the gear you listed, the load might be a little too much for the P3 to handle. You might be able to get away with just plugging the stereo gear into the P3 but the home theater gear will push it over the ledge.

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I had an old Power Plant Premiere that I traded on a Stellar Power Plant 3 About 2 years ago. I’m extremely satisfied with the 3. It handles all of my PS audio equipment… everything is dead quiet. My old Power Plant became noisy and I had it serviced by PS audio. After about five years it became noisy again so I traded on the 3. When I built my new home I had separate 20amp service run to my new sound room…. And to my way of thinking this is the best way to handle noise along with the Stellar Power Plant. One thing I did learn over the years is that I installed a separate power generator because I live in a heavily wooded area with overhead power lines. The Power Plant regenerators do not like 50 cycle ac off my emergency generator. I think that is what caused the noise problem with my original Premier. If the power goes off I have to reach behind the 3 and turn the power totally off. I believe you will be satisfied with the Stellar 3 and don’t think I would personally buy a used power plant of any make… I’m a Macintosh convert and have been migrating to PS audio for many years. Hope this helps.


I was referring to the power demand of the device. How many VA does it use? My P5 has been rock solid, but they do have a finite lifespan. I’d look at a P3 if it specs out, or maybe a current model P12.

Some of the P5s in circulation are only four or five years old before the model was replaced.

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Solid advice here. I’d be looking at the Stellar P3, for certain. That is if your setup can handle the load (uncertain what the Hegel RMS/VA value is overall). You’d be surprised by what it can handle overall, so who knows?
I run everything into it (decided to run my SuperNait 2 in Regen; not even HC), albeit I was a bit skeptical about doing this at first, and it hasn’t broken a sweat thus far after over a year’s ownership.
I would also agree that a P3 and dedicated circuit would be ideal. This is what I have and I cannot imagine being without both.


When I first bought my Stellar p3 I was using a Macintosh MC 402 Amplifier at 400watts per channel with Magnepan 3.6R speakers which is a very power hungry setup. This didn’t phase the Stellar power plant in the least. Now using PS audio Perfect Wave BHK preamp with a pair of the Stellar MC 700 amps….and the Magnepan speakers. My son is now enjoying my old Macintosh equipment. These class D amps sound phenomenal with the Maggie’s. The PS audio brought out detail with plenty of power for my 4 ohm speakers.



Are you running the BHK and MC’s through the P3 in Reg mode?

I use the regenerative mode on all the outlets, I have never had to use the bypass mode/high current mode if that is what you are asking.

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Good to know, this is helpful info. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the system!