Stellar PP loading with Hana ML cartridge

I am using the Hana on a Technics SL-1210GAE and am curious if anyone is using the cartridge with the Stellar Phono Preamp. If so, what loading are you using? Hana just says >100 Ohms, but heck…47kOhms >100 :grin: My listening so far seems to be loading between 150 to 200.

I use a Hana ML on a Technics SL1210M5G with Jelco TK850 tonearm into a Nu-Wave Phono converter. The correct loading is >100Ohms but I sometimes prefer the 200Ohms setting.

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I owned Stellar Phono since it was first released till early this year! To the best of my knowledge, unlike Stellar power amps, it uses Linear Power Supply. @DarrenMyers may confirm :sunflower:

I was looking at an internal view of the Stella online and it did not show a linear transformer, just the SMPS. If I looked more closely I would have seen the screened toroidal front right. Oops!

Using the Hana ML the loading (Stellar) is set for 100ohms.

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It weighs 21.6lbs. (9.8 kg). M700 weighs just 13 lbs (5.9 kg). I wonder whey they had it in the Stellar rather than the Perfect Wave series.

I believe the weight is due to a steel case.

The oversized power transformer!
Oops I’m a muppet should have looked more closely!!!

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I am not Darren but I can certainly confirm that Stellar Phono is a completely linear device from the power supply on up.


Thank you Paul.