Stellar series prices in Europe?

I’m interested in buying SGCD but the price (difference) is so much higher compared to M700. I’m curios, is there a smaller discount for dealers for SGCD vs M700 or is it something else?

M700 in US - $4399 (w tax) is about 3585€ and I bought for 3200€ in EU. Price is 10% lower.
SGCD in US - $1869 (w tax) is about 1522€ and I see dealers online prices between 1900-2240€ + shipping. Price is 30…40% higher.

What’s the catch here I’m missing? I think these SGCD’s would sell like hot cakes for 1500€! Smells like cartel agreement to me…

Are you factoring VAT in?

I don’t understand your US numbers. A pair of M700’s is $2998 and an SGCD is $1699. That’s without VAT (which we don’t have).or US state sales taxes. Your numbers in dollars reflect a 47% mark-up on the M700’s but only 10% for the SGCD.

Yes, I writed that US prices are with sales tax ~10%, because all EU prices are with VAT.

Screenshots with US prices:


As I said, the US price for a pair of M700 amps is $2998. For $3999 you get a pair of M700’s and a SGCD. That’s direct from PS Audio. I don’t know where you got that screen shot for the M700’s but it is wrong.

PS Audio home page: Products -> Audio Components -> Stellar M700 -> More Product Details

That explains where you got it but it’s still wrong (PSA needs to fix the site). If you go to Products/Audio Components and then select the M700 you get the correct price of $2998. See If you select the M700/GCD combo you get the $3999 price.

Yep, both links take you to M700 with combo price. Now I get it and understand @michael-denmark’s complain about EU dealers with crazy prices in another thread. :wink:

Thanks @stevem2 for explaining.

Definitely confusing.

Prices in Denmark. Please note that you can receive VAT and charge for purchase when it is shipped to your country, etc.

PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC
14.500,00 DKK - 1.943,56 EUR

PS Audio Stellar S300
13.000,00 DKK - 1.742,50 EUR

PS Audio Stellar M700 (sæt)
26.000,00 DKK - 3.485,01 EUR

Incl - With European Union taxes/VAT (25% Danish VAT)