We need a Stellar SI150


Integrated amp, analog cell, 1 set of RCA preouts, 2 sets of RCA inputs, 75Wx2 into 8 and 150x2 into 4 Ohms and transient 2 Ohm capability. $800.00 USD.

I realize it’s my fist post, but I joined just to suggest it! Nothing will touch it…come on guys!



Welcome and it wouldn’t surprise me if a Stellar integrated was in the works somewhere.


Thanks! One can only hope! In fact, it seems that perhaps 100W into 8 and 200 into 4 Ohms might just differentiate it in a range that isn’t particularly well inhabited. Most of the Integrateds out there seem to be either 50W into 8 or much higher, like 150 or 200.

So, go with the 100W baseline, the usual current capabilities into lower impedances, and we’re GTG!

I’m waiting, that’s for sure, because there’s nothing under $1k in that range.

BTW, I definitely goofed. This was intended for the Integrated section. Sorry guys.


Looks like Elk moved the thread. He’s good about that. Among many other things.


It is. Still we won’t see it until 2019, but it is being noodled on and worked on too.


That’s great news! I’m looking forward to hearing about it. No onboard DAC please. Let’s take this back to where audio is supposed to be. There’s enough noisy stuff in the box… Just pure pre-power goodness, with decent connectivity options on the rear. :slight_smile: