We need a Stellar SI150

Integrated amp, analog cell, 1 set of RCA preouts, 2 sets of RCA inputs, 75Wx2 into 8 and 150x2 into 4 Ohms and transient 2 Ohm capability. $800.00 USD.

I realize it’s my fist post, but I joined just to suggest it! Nothing will touch it…come on guys!


Welcome and it wouldn’t surprise me if a Stellar integrated was in the works somewhere.

Thanks! One can only hope! In fact, it seems that perhaps 100W into 8 and 200 into 4 Ohms might just differentiate it in a range that isn’t particularly well inhabited. Most of the Integrateds out there seem to be either 50W into 8 or much higher, like 150 or 200.

So, go with the 100W baseline, the usual current capabilities into lower impedances, and we’re GTG!

I’m waiting, that’s for sure, because there’s nothing under $1k in that range.

BTW, I definitely goofed. This was intended for the Integrated section. Sorry guys.

Looks like Elk moved the thread. He’s good about that. Among many other things.

It is. Still we won’t see it until 2019, but it is being noodled on and worked on too.

That’s great news! I’m looking forward to hearing about it. No onboard DAC please. Let’s take this back to where audio is supposed to be. There’s enough noisy stuff in the box… Just pure pre-power goodness, with decent connectivity options on the rear. :slight_smile:

To these ears, one of the strengths of the analogue cell with the Stellar series is transparency and cleanliness while still keeping the mildly sweet tonality. There could be potential with combing the Stellar pre- and power circuit into one chassis and eliminate one further analogue cell alongside simpler signal path. I await this new creation from Paul.

Sound awesome.
I’m going to upgrade my amplifier this year.
Any more details??

That doesn’t sound all that different from the Sprout. For the $200 proposed price difference, it seems like that would kill the Sprout.

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I was thinking the same thing, though the Sprout doesn’t have the Gain Cell nor the adjustable gain as volume. Plus it has Bluetooth and such.

If the Stellar integrated comes to be, I would imagine it would have the same features as the SGCD minus the DAC, possibly the addition of a phono stage, and with a price point much higher than only $800. If I had to guess, I’d say somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800 - $2k.

That would put it in the mid-point price range between the SGCD/S300 combo.

Absolutely. Eliminate that pre-power external connection and optimize that interaction, then you get gain matching magic!

The Sprout isn’t even a consideration regarding a product of this level, even given the expected reasonable price, under $2k USD for a 150W/ch @ 4 ohms. I’m thinking along the lines of the NAD c388, without the DAC.

Right. It’s a different product, but the requested price point seemed waaaaay low.

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1500-1800$ / no DAC / no phono / 100w > 8 Ohms sounds like a step from the Sprout and affordable way to get Stellar sound for small applications.
Please give us a hint :>

Not bad guessing. Stellar integrated would likely be a GCD with an S300 built in. That would include a DAC, pre, and amplifier. It would likely also include some sort of streaming option but likely not a phono preamplifier. I am guessing that would wind up costing $2,200.


add the streaming option for sure and I am there. that would be the ultimate integrated

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This sounds great! But my question would be, as I’m interested in the Stellar separates, what streaming option would be available for those? First post so bear with me! Thanks

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Welcome, PTO!

We are working on several solutions to this but haven’t yet settled on exactly what. There are some cool options. We plan on streaming services built into the upcoming Stellar integrated.

Ok great, glad to know that you are indeed working on it. I look forward to hearing the results!

Yes please.