Stellar Strata Amplifier?

I did…but then that’s my Job (for now)…LOL.

While I like the Strata Concept. I more of a Separates w/Tons of Cables type of Person. My excitement is for the upcoming M1200’s. I’m hoping to trade my M700’s in and get two M1200’s and pay the difference. I’m fine with the SGCD as my source switcher/PCM only DAC.

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Yup, and that’s just fine. That’s why we’re all here, to cuss and discuss about the latest greatest. We build our products based around the best sounding combinations of technology available at the time of design and then we hand tune them in the listening
room. It’s a long process and sometimes frustrating to see how slowly it marches on, but at least you know what comes out of our design and engineering labs is going to be fully vetted and sound like music.


While the “all in one box” concept will appeal to many who just want to streamline their set ups, it really doesn’t float my boat. I don’t like being locked into one box. Certainly, PSA engineers will find a synergism within the box, but if one component becomes obsolete or breaks down, you are stuck with a boat anchor. I’ve owned more than one boat anchor.:wink:

Hi Paul and James, Strata seems like a cool product!

Any chance it will work as a Roon endpoint?

I really hope pricing on this can come in closer to $2k to be competitive.

A two box solution of Arcam SA20 (80 wpc class G - which is class A at low levels and A/B at higher levels; ES 9038k2m dac that crushes the 9016 for specs) and node 2i checks in at $2k, new.

Not sure Strata at $3k is competitive with that unless you cannot have two boxes.

But es9038 and class g is attractive with $1000 left over.

Keep crunching the numbers PSA and see if can come in closer to $2k!!

Arcam SA20, Marantz PM8006, NAD C 388, Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, etc,
PSA is joining a rapidly expanding arena here…

This post may be controversial, but it is offered thoughtfully and with best intentions.

As I learn more about PSA and their development efforts, and in particular the push(es) to develop user interfaces for streamers, music servers, etc., I wonder if a better approach would be to license proven systems and hit market quicker? Heos, Bluesound, LUMIN, etc. I own devices with each of these interfaces and they all work well. My LUMIN os device is Teac nt505 which is amazing, an I think Teac was very wise to arrange to use Lumin’s ui.

I also own a playfi device, and I don’t care for that interface.

Reason I bring this up is I’m sure it’s difficult to get this right, and to what end? Will the PSA UI be better than those mentioned? If so, great, but seems a tough ask.

Harken back to smartphones. Remember Windows phone? Awesome UI, but Android and IOS ate their lunch bc got market domination early on.

Just something to think about, again not offered as criticism for sure, just as an alternative if things don’t come together quickly enough on in-house development.

Looking forward to result, becoming a fan …

This is not a particularly controversial position and has been suggested previously. :slight_smile:

The problem is once you adopt an other’s software you are bound to it. PS Audio wants to be free of the restraints of working with a third-party and subject to their whims.

See, e.g., Paul’s comments

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Haha, that’s good. I’m new here and didn’t want to come off too negative or pushy or whatever so just qualified it that way, haha.

Yeah I figured not an original idea but like I said, just found the site and started paying attention to brand so not familiar with past discussions.

Rock on


We are always pleased to have new members, particularly with thoughtful comments.

If you would like, jump over to the Octave thread in which Paul’s comments are located and to which I provided the link above. It is a perfect spot to discuss this issue.

I get it for Roon and server navigation, which is what that post referenced.

I’m just talking straight up streamers like in Strata.

Like I said couple posts up, I can get class g, es9038 based dac and bluesound user interface (probably the best interface out there currently) all in for $2k. Granted two-box not one.

No, unfortunately not.

Ever heard of “The Law of Diminishing Returns”? As the envelope gets pushed higher, a small improvement costs a lot more - so to stay on the cutting edge costs a lot more for a little bit better sound, performance, speed…The happy corollary of which, though, is that eventually you get to where the catalog entries read, “85% of the performance of its big brother” - why not sister? :thinking: - “for a fraction of the cost”, meaning great performance can be had for a lot less cash. Then there are the words of one of my favorite figures of yore, George Bernard Shaw, who said something to the effect that the unreasonable man does not accept things the way they are; therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. :sunglasses:

Yet we refer to cars, planes, motorcycles, even amplifiers as “she.”

Paul, James,

The Strata has me really interested.

4 questions:

  1. Will it be an Octave endpoint in the future?
  2. Will it be able to stream UPnP from a network connected computer?
  3. Will it stream native DSD, as Octave Music has the Sonoma DSD recording system and Guss Skinnas as DSD expert sound engineer?
  4. Will it stream DSD 256, now that Blue Coast Music is pushing that format (and maybe Octave Music too)?

Maybe a 5th question, could PS Audio encourage it’s dealer network in Europe to allow listening to the unit at home with own speakers and living environment? Likely the Strata will sell for well above EUR 3000 which might be a good deal but still the investment and I’d hate to find out its not an improvement.

The Stellar Gain Cell DAC I have did surely not disappoint in the SQ department.

Hi Rudolph, see below.

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  1. I don’t think so. With Octave being its own ecosystem, I’m not aware whether or not Strata is going to be supported in it.

  2. Yes, it works with UPnP, but I’m sure most people will enjoy using the new app with it.

  3. Due to hardware limitations, Strata will not support DSD playback through the network. USB will of course, but not through the network.

  4. Too early to say with Octave. I haven’t heard much on the spec side from the dev team.

  5. Damn, wouldn’t that be awesome! I’ll bring it up in our meeting next week. It would really help y’all out. It is a big investment, and you want to know that it’s going to play nice with your system before you make the plunge.

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Thanks for the detailed answers.

Any update on Strata release date? Still this month?

Also, what order will these be released (which comes first, second, third): strata, 1200, an3?