Stellar Strata USB input problem

I bought a Stellar Strata about a year ago, and have encountered an annoying problem. When using the USB input for extended periods, I find that the Strata drops the USB connection. Once that happens, nothing seems to get the USB input working again except power cycling the Strata. This is a little problematic for me since I have to shut down my subwoofer as well to avoid a loud thump when I shut down the Strata. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there another way of reactivating the USB input without power cycling the Strata?

Have you tried switching to another input and then switching back to the digital/USB input? That’s how I woke up the USB connection on my Sprout100.

Have you tried a different cable as well? I loose my USB connection between my DAC and computer occasionally as well but I have to restart my computer. Restarting the DAC never works.