Stellar Strata malfunction. Update! Fix available

My Stellar Strata stopped working this am. Flashing blue logo light, volume control not working.

I ran into the same thing after updating the embedded bridge firmware Linkplay with the PS Connect app. I put an email into Support.

I’d suggest an email to PSA Tech Support followed up with a friendly phone call.

1-800-PSAUDIO, 1-800-772-8346,
or Mark @ 1-720-402-3921
Good Luck!

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In the meantime, enter backup Sprout 100 plus Wiim Mini!

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I’m having the same problem with my Stellar Strata. Noticed the blinking light this morning. Also not responding to the remote. I changed batteries in the remote and turned off power at the rocker switch on the rear of the unit. Waited about ten minutes before powering on - no change.

PS Audio suggested I disconnect everything and wait 24 hours before reconnecting. I’ll update tomorrow morning with the results.

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Same blue light on power up, then Strata locks. Began late Tuesday June 27 EDT. Spoke to PS service, working on a software fix. No ETA fix as of 3pm today. New territory for Strata.

Stream exclusively w/built-in, ethernet, and control apps JPLAY iOS (beta 13 not public yet) WiiM and PS Connect. JPLAY is far and away the superior control app. Prior had been using WiiM Home iOS for the landscape mode and frequent update fixes, with PS Connect in the back pocket. FYI….JPLAY iOS 12 only played first cut of album then stopped. Sent JPLAY the app logs and was provided a beta fix within 24 hours. (impressive) Advise holding off a trial of JPLAY iOS if using built in streamer until version 13 is made public unless contacting them for the beta.

Welcome, @DeltaDan !

Sorry to hear of your problem. :frowning:

Just to confirm, I still get the same issues after being disconnected since yesterday. The logo flashing commences a bit after the “no wireless” symbol appears. A bridge that leads to troubled waters? Best wishes to the Support Team.


My Strata, turned on for first time today 12 noon EDT, locks up immediately after initiating with power switch, displaying flashing blue light. The unit was unplugged and disconnected from ethernet overnight.

PS Audio, are your in-house Strata units that are ready to ship, in for repair, or company owned and used by employees also exhibiting the same blue light/lockup? This appears to be a virus. How did this occur?

I would appreciate status updates from the service department posted here for all Strata users affected to view.


  1. If you use the built-in streamer exclusively for your audio enjoyment, is your Strata performing as intended at this moment? Yes/No.

  2. If no, when did issue begin?

  3. If no, are you using an app other than PS Connect?

  4. General comments


My Strata does lock up 30 seconds after power up with a blinking standby switch. Service responded to me saying an update caused the problem and an update is pending ASAP. I am expecting it to be a downloadable firmware update, but this is not yet confirmed to me. Looks like a ‘Whoops!’ moment for Strata.

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Welcome, @MAA22 !

Thank you for the information.

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I don’t know that this is Strata only. My lockup started when I did the update in PS Connect that loaded the LinkPlay.4.6.520141.0 Build date 20230615. Today I have noticed some issues with Wiim Home, which recently had a similar update to LinkPlay, with respect to TuneIn Fail. So it may be a bigger issue.

Interesting…I don’t use PS Connect, but do have Wiim Home installed, but also don’t really use that. I use iEAST Play to control my Strata and I am also in the middle of the problem.

I had called support and found out about the update and was wondering how they could have pushed an update to my Strata, but via these client programs, that makes sense.

Still in an outage state, but I am sure we will all see this come back at the same time.

Ah, the joy of Service Oriented Architectures in a global system-of-systems world!

Definitely a LinkPlay issue on the Strata. We are working with them to try and fix their mistake.


Thanks Paul for sharing this update.

Thanks Paul.

Thanks Paul. Music under plan ‘B’ is just not the same.

You are lucky, because the update also shut off my wifi too & I contacted an Aussie store where I purchased as it is under warranty (as I thought a hardware failure) and they suggested a Factory Reset - but now I have no settings (including wifi) and so not sure how I am supposed to get an update? At least your Strata has it’s settings. Is your wifi still working? Mine stopped and had a line through it before the factory reset.

There’s no “joy” here but in my case, I found that currently, no streaming is possible. But I can get the unit to work “otherwise” (optical-in, HT etc). For me, it was 2 main things I needed to do after the factory reset (turns out the FR isn’t needed). Firstly, remove any LAN cable. A factory reset will turn the Wi-Fi “on” automatically. So, the second step is to get into the SYSTEM settings very quickly (before the unit decides it’s stuck - maybe 30-45 seconds) after the power off/power on restart. It took me a couple of goes (let’s not talk about the UI) but if I can turn the wi-fi off the unit will “work” (just no comms). I apologise if my explanation is confusing but I hope there’s a bit of info to help. It seems to boil down to disabling comms for now.