Digital output option on Strata Integrated amp

I would like to figure out a way to use one of the coax digital input connections as a digital output or use the USB input as a USB output to feed an external dac. Any ideas if this is even possible??

You won’t be able to do something like this with the Strata as the digital inputs are only inputs. I am curious what use case you have idea for this? Like using it as a streamer and then outputting the signal to another DAC?

Yes, you are exactly right because I think your streaming hardware is better than most others but I would like to decode it with an external dac as I have a Lampizator Amber 3 dac on the way.



Hi Jamesh,

Also, My oppo 205 can not seem to find my PS Audio strata on the network… any ideas??


Oh gotcha. That was the only use I could think of.

I doubt the Oppo is going to see it. Unless it uses DLNA, it won’t be able to communicate with it on the LAN.

Another question:

My Strata keeps dropping the signal from spotify and I have to restart the playback. Also, when starting playback from either phone or computer no sound is heard from the Strata until I push the volume up button on the Strata remote.

Is there a software update that cures this problem ?? Current SW is ( 1.2.31 )



Does the music completely stop or does your phone/computer lose connection with the device?

I will see what happens…

When input #9 (bridge) is selected music tries to play to the Strata but nothing is heard from the Strata until Strata’s volume up button on its remote control is pushed, then you can hear play.

So it’s programmed to mute when switched to that input as a speaker safety issue. Just hit the button then.