Stellar Turntable?

Would a Stellar turntable be possible?

Ummm, I’m not the guy who can answer that (suspect you hit the wrong “reply” button) but since your question hit my in-box, I’ll risk an uneducated guess of “no.” Possible? Yes. Likely? I doubt it.

I suspect that our friends at PS audio have a full plate with: (1) the Octave server, (2) the control software for same, (3) the Ted signature Obsidian DAC, (4) the replacement disc spinner for the DMP (and maybe a bespoke transport mechanism?), (5) the AN3 speaker, it’s larger siblings, and the three “trickle down technology” Stellar speakers, (6) a BHK phono preamp somewhere in the pipeline, (7) launching Octave recordings, (8) transitioning to a direct sales model.

That oughta keep 'em busy for a little while.

Maybe a private-label PSA branded TT manufactured by someone else to fill out the line, but that doesn’t seem to be how they roll there in Boulder.

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Yeah, would +1 that, Howard. While they are clearly going all-out-ish on producing an end-to-end PS chain, which is sorta the deal at RMAF next week, with the exception of a TT from VPI - Paul didn’t even sorta “get it again” with regard to vinyl until recently.

I say “again”, because he, and most of us are old enough that fully Analog systems were all there was for a significant chunk of our lives. Fortunately, analog has progressed the entire time. Digital is awesome, but different, and it is progressing as well.

Fun Times!

For sure! I got a re-education of “different” as I eased back into digital listening after a deep dive into vinyl with the Stellar. The cavernous blackness of a well-executed digital sound stage and BASS being two things that hit me right off the bat.

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Ambitious for a company of the size of PS Audio. Turntables are different animals all together and there are many great ones out there. The VPI MC40 they plan to bring to the RMAF is a nice TT.

I’d never buy a Private label. It just means more parties wanting their share of my money, which likely will be taken from me and the material cost. Those deals do typically not improve the cost/quality ratio.

I don’t doubt Paul would find an industry veteran or another special talent who designs a turntable for him which would be outstanding for the money.

A really special table would probably be much too expensive for the usual PSA price range. I think it could only be a table in the Stellar range…not above. That would need too much patience, time and diving into the vinyl scene and matters.

Paul also would have to fight back the decades of vinyl ignorance (friendly spoken) marketing wise :wink: but meanwhile I wouldn’t even tell this unlikely.

I just hope it wouldn’t look like the McIntosh player…like the other Mc components with attached platter on top :wink:

Luckily we have nice options from experts to choose from, VPI, Transrotor, Pro-Ject, EAC, Bauer Audio, Perpetuum Ebner, Thorens, ELAC, SME, Wilson & Benesh, Linn, Bergmann to name a few, there are many more. Still hope PS Audio also will consider a entry level Phono Stage, considering that was how the company started. That is their expertise they should stay with that.

I think it’s not difficult to beat half of them and equal most of the rest. I think making a good turntable is rather connected with very basic science and perfectionism than with esoteric inspiration and years decades of trial and error.

But making a turntable which would really match the high claims of the BHK/Ted Smith range and above would mean designing a high class arm, motor drive and featuring of table design which usually means noticeable use of material and extensive finish. This usually means a price level of 20-50k, not rarely even multiplied by factor 2-4 when speaking of complete turntables which really compete seriously with the best available.

Like I said. Lucky that we have choices.

Sure, but this never was a reason for a manufacturer not to add his contribution to it, too (as done in terms of preamps, DAC‘s, speakers etc. already) :wink:

Let’s try to keep this particular thread faithful to the title.

Referring to other makers who may or may not achieve this or that is irrelevant.

Unless of course, you can give us firsthand experience comparing them.

So we were talking about turntables and this is a Phono pre amp thread. Sure those are not related and a good reason for you to step in.

You turned it to TTs and it is nonetheless still a thread for Beta testers of a PS Audio Phono Pre. I will admit to being confused what you’re talking about.

As soon as you have a Stellar Phono Pre, and can relate your personal experience with IT and your particular TT, your posts will be relevant on this thread.

If you want to start a thread about how other turntables (that you have owned/used) work with other products, knock yourself out.

But don’t steer a specific thread on to what you want it to be and bitch at me.

Sorry - Edit: Apologies Rudolph. - AiC

THis was about TTs,

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Well, I’ll stick to my hunch that there are no plans for a TT in the works, home-built or otherwise…

BUT - it just occurred to me that there is a huge “Nipper” statue peering around the corner at you as you enter their building. And many other examples of Nipper peeking at you as you tour the facility.


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